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I have been a “Toy Shop” customer for nearly a decade – since Bill’s ownership. Bill took excellent care of our second hand Corolla & Tercel and helped ease a mother’s fear of having her teenagers driving…I knew at least Bill made sure the vehicles were as safe as possible. Bill always took care of any emergency repairs on the spot and with excellent diagnostic skills. Ray took over and upheld the shop’s reputation. When a particular repair took more time than anticipated, Ray spent the week-end doing it so we’d have our car back by Monday. The “Toy Shop” is the first shop I recommend when asked for a Tucson mechanic. The U of A students I’ve referred to the shop have been very impressed. Dan, thanks for carrying on in the same honest, excellent tradition!

—reviewer #82538, 2006


After eight years in Tucson, I finally found an honest, skilled mechanic

—reviewer #88892, 2006


I’ve taken several Toyotas to first Bill’s, then Ray’s, and finally Dan’s Toy Shop. I’ve always had good experiences and gotten quality repairs. They’re the only repair shop I ever feel comfortable recommending to a friend with a Toyota.

—reviewer #101923, 2007


I purchased a 2006 Toyota Camry back in March of 2006 and later moved to Tucson. I took my car to Jiffy Lube a few times for oil changes as I was looking for a mechanic in the area who I could trust. I was directed to Dan’s Toy Shop by this very review site, and was still pleasantly impressed. They are honest, charge fair and reasonable prices for their services, use genuine Toyota parts, and are nice folks too. If the folks at Dan’s say my vehicle needs a replacement part, service, or other work done…I have no problem trusting them and getting the work done. They’re that good. I’ve owned a few cars over the years, and I’ve never met any mechanic shop that compares to Dan’s. The only one that came close was a German car specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area, but even they weren’t nearly as good as Dan’s. If you have a Toyota and live in Tucson, take your car to Dan’s.

—reviewer #102331, 2007 writeup:

I was searching for some good Toyota service shops in the Tucson area, as I can’t stand paying dealer prices for regular service and don’t trust my car to be serviced by “oil change” shops.

Dan’s Toy Shop was recommended to me by several people in town, and I called around to a few different shops to compare prices. Dan’s pricing was some of the best I’ve seen, certainly far less than the dealer (the dealer wanted nearly $90 for my 2006 Camry’s 15,000 mile service, while Dan’s charged me less than $30 for the same service!).

They have skilled technicians, three service bays, and use all genuine Toyota parts (the delivery guy in a Toyota uniform stopped by while I was waiting and delivered a bunch of Toyota parts) for their services. As part of my 15,000 mile service, the car required an oil change and they used Mobil Clean 5000 oil. I’m not sure if they offer synthetic oils.

While I don’t have a hybrid vehicle, they do have technicians trained in servicing hybrid cars, which is pretty uncommon for non-dealer shops. It’s rare to find a mechanic/service shop that’s honest — it seems like all the shops are trying to make a quick buck at someone’s expense by upselling unnecessary services or parts.

Dan’s Toy Shop is different; they’re honest, reliable, and I fully trust them with my money and my car. If you drive a Toyota and live in Tucson, I highly recommend you check them out. Just be warned — the building’s not terribly big from the outside, and although it’s painted bright red it’s possible to miss the building on the first pass.

Pros: Prompt service, skilled mechanics, honest.
Cons: None.

—posted by heypete