Connection Key by Mechanic Advisor


Introducing Mechanic Advisor

An exciting new feature to help take the uncertainty out of auto repair


At Dan’s Toy Shop we know how important regular service is for maintaining a safe and reliable vehicle.


We’re excited to announce a new piece of technology here at our shop that we believe will keep our customers safe and prevent small issues from becoming costly repairs.


It’s called the Connection Key from Mechanic Advisor. The small device plugs into an out-of-sight port in your vehicle, and via a free smartphone App helps decode the “check engine” light for you if it comes on. It also keeps track of your scheduled maintenance such as oil changes and brake checks, so that you never miss an important service.


In the case of an issue, this device allows us to provide remote diagnostics and help you through the problem. For issues such as a loose gas cap, we can remotely clear your check engine light without you ever needing to come to the shop.


Even if you don’t wind up taking advantage of the device, you can still download the app for free and have all of the above features except the diagnostics and real time notifications. You also get access to your vehicle maintenance history, schedule appointments, approve work on your vehicle, and many more exciting features!


Here is a short video to help illustrate the device’s capabilities:



If you’re interested in learning more, schedule an appointment or give us a call. We’ll be happy to show you how it works. And above all, thank you for being our customer here at Dan’s Toy Shop.