About Dan’s Toy Shop

Dan Pratt

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Dan is a Tucsonan and a career import technician. He has been working on cars as long as anyone in his family can remember, but began working professionally in the car business at age 19 for a local Toyota dealer. He joined Royal Group in 1995 and began an apprenticeship, becoming certified as an A.S.E. Master Automobile Technician before he was even allowed to work on a car by himself!

The next several years were spent at Isuzu, during which time Dan became Isuzu “Expert” certified and enjoyed a great reputation for quality service. In 1999, he and his wife Angela moved out of state for a year, where he began working on Toyotas exclusively. Upon returning to Tucson, Dan began working as a Lexus technician.

Three years followed at Lexus with Dan earning certification as both a “Senior Technician” as well as “Master Diagnostic Specialist,” the highest level of Lexus certification. In 2003, while only 29 years old, Dan was chosen to be the Shop Foreman of the new Lexus facility at the Tucson Auto Mall. Despite a group of very young and inexperienced technicians, the new dealership thrived, earning the prestigious “Elite of Lexus” honor both years that Dan was managing the shop. In addition, he became trained and certified in over two dozen specialty areas – including the all–important hybrid system.

In 2005, Dan left Lexus for ethical reasons and came to work at the Toy Shop, which was owned at the time by Rey Cordova. When Rey and his family chose to leave Tucson in February 2006, Dan and Angela took over operation of the shop permanently.

Dan spends whatever time he has away from the shop with Angela and their two daughters Aaliyah and Christina. He and Angela are also a licensed foster home and have adopted both of their children from foster care. In his free time, Dan is usually spending time with something motorized and dangerous, or recovering from the injuries they cause.

Angela Pratt

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The person that makes the Toy Shop work, Angela does everything but fix cars. She first came to work here for Rey Cordova in early 2005, before taking over ownership in February, 2006. With over ten years in various administrative and management positions, there is almost nothing that Angela hasn’t been involved in. Originally trained in the environmental and hazardous materials fields, she has made a career of being the go–to person, as well as the face of many companies and projects – from prosecutor’s offices to ballistic missile defense systems.

Angela’s prime motivation is the satisfaction of our clients, and is evident to everyone that meets her.  Because of the staffing changes in the office, Angela is now available to spend more time outside of the shop with her two young daughters, Aaliyah and Christina. This has allowed her to have some semblance of sanity, at least outwardly to most people who don’t know her. She even took some time off to practice her use of the Force and to slay a few dragons as well!

Brian Thacker

Brian Thacker

Brian is a former repair shop manager and has over ten years of multi-line repair experience, including more than six years of Lexus and Toyota dealership experience. Brian was recruited because of an absolute commitment to quality and integrity, demonstrated by receiving the “Elite of Lexus” certification every year that he was eligible. He is detail oriented and very committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience. In 2012, Brian became ASE Certified as a Service Consultant. Brian has also been promoted to Shop Manager and aids in the smooth running of the shop.


DJ Frklich

DJ comes to the Toy Shop from north of the wall. He has 15+ years of automotive knowledge and experience. After fleeing his oppressors at a Toyota dealer, DJ hid out in an independent repair shop. Angela used the powers of the Force (aka Craigslist) to locate DJ and coax him out of the shadows. He has shared his treasure trove of information with others and is always quick to lend a hand, sword, or wrench when needed. He has been a welcome addition to the brand of misfits at Dan’s Toy Shop.

Delia Badachi

Delia is the newest member at the Toy Shop. While she is not replacing Leslee (who left us to join Our Lady of Solitude) per se, she is a very experienced Service Advisor with a positive, can-do attitude. She brings a lot of youthful exuberance to the team and we are very excited and grateful to have her. Leslee will be missed, but Delia is helping to fill the void that she left and is excelling at it.